Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Been Too Long, but I'm Back!

Okay, this blogging thing requires dedication and some sit down time and as you can tell I haven’t been good at either. I was so ready to blog last year and share my experiences teaching abroad that I started living and found that sitting down and actually writing about what I was doing became a second hand thought. So, here I am sitting at my computer with thousands of pictures and some very interesting stories that are dying to be told, and I owe it to you and myself to find some dedication.

It’s 2011 and I first came to Korea in 2009. I have been here, completed my first contract, and extended it twice, gone home and started my second contract, which I have been on for four months now. So, guess you can say I have adapted to living abroad, or at least I have adjust enough to keep doing it until I find something else I like doing more. Either way I am in Korea and doing what I love, traveling and seeing the world. And all that doing what I love stuff comes with some very interesting experiences, life lessons, new and different people, and plain old comedy from time to time. However, I wouldn’t trade the life I have, even with the most difficult experiences, for anything in the world. Ok, maybe a bathtub and a nice clean upscale apartment with a picture view, but hey I guess I’ll get back there again one day, just not today. I have too much stuff to see and do.

So, I will promise you this, I will dedicate the time and energy to release some of what has happened over the last year, going on two, along with some of what is happening if you promise to keep reading. Is that a deal? If so, I’ll even start by leaving some recent photos and begin with my latest adventure, China and Lunar New Year. Stay tune the stories are coming and if you like them tell your friends and family because My Soul to Seoul is going to turn into The Adventures of the Nomadic Chic, and I promise you that you will not want to miss these wild and crazy stories.

Until next time,

The Nomad Chic©2010 aka Cha Jones

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